The Ballad Of Boaby Souness

So, here’s the thing. Here’s how it started…

In the mid-70s, Shettleston – a district in the East End of Glasgow – had no private detectives. Despite high and increasing levels of local criminality, adultery and missing persons no-one had considered this a viable occupation for middle-aged weegie bampots armed only with a camera and a degree from the University of Life. No-one, that is, until…Robert McAdam Souness.

Boaby’s story is an unusual one. Told in clipped, hyperventilating style over after a 20 year period, it is a Weegie bampot’s personal odyssey through the streets, schemes and shit-kickers of Shettleston. With a cast of characters as rich and varied as the city itself, one thing is for certain… We are all Boaby Souness.

The Ballad of Boaby Souness began life tentatively as a month-long collaborative Twitter story. It developed beyond that first story within the framework of one tweet a day for a calendar month with guest contributors keeping it fresh. This book is the expanded account of that story.

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